Tabernacle of David: The Heart of David (Teaching Series)



This in depth series on the foundations of the Tabernacle of David reveals the Heart of the man David. To understand David’s tabernacle, it is imperative to understand the man David. David saw the heart of God like no one in history until the Lord Jesus. This series reveals the heart of David. Your heart will be enlarged and transformed to embrace more of Jesus.

11 Part Series

Part 1 – A Man After God’s Own Heart
Part 2 – Single-Minded Devotion
Part 3 – Transformed Hearts
Part 4 – Knowing God’s Heart
Part 5 – Power Through Intimacy
Part 6 – Compromise & Faith
Part 7 – Contending for the Power of God
Part 8 – Overcoming
Part 9 – A Worshiping Heart
Part 10 – From Adullam to Hebron
Part 11 – Ziklag: Deliverance From Compromise

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