Understanding the Fear of the Lord (Teaching Series)




What is the Fear of the Lord? In the New Covenant, it is the deep awe, respect and wonder of the Lord. Having this kind of fear causes us to draw near to the Lord with joy and to harbor a deep desire to fulfill His word through grace. Not having it brings jadedness to the soul, and a carelessness with sin. Our culture–even church culture–has all but lost the fear of the Lord. The proof is seen in how we talk, and how we live–plus, there is little to no authority in our prayers. We must return and learn His ways again.

8 Part Series (Click on the highlighted parts to view notes for free.)

Part 1 – Understanding the Fear of the Lord
Part 2 – Obedience
Part 3 – True Repentance
Part 4 – Pure Thoughts
Part 5 – A Holy Imagination
Part 6 – Faithfulness
Part 7 – Relationships
Part 8 – The Gift of Sex

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