Oftentimes, it is ungodly soul-ties with something or someone that prevent us from advancing. The Israelites were so “tied” to Egypt, they would not enter into God’s full promises. Ungodly relationships form one of the worst hindrances to fully entering God’s purpose for our lives. If we want to fully serve the Lord, we need to stay single. Why? 1 Corinthians 7 encourages the single life, unless we find that one person who is totally devoted to what God has called us to be and to do. We will be judged for what God has purposed and planned for us at the judgment seat of Christ. By marrying out of loneliness, sexual frustration, etc, we have chosen to disobey the Bible. Once we are married, God says that marriage covenant takes precedence over all others. If we are married to someone who is not called to our purpose, we will probably end up never fulfilling it! (We will still have to give an account before God for the gifting, calling and graces.)

People who don’t tithe are cursed financially. We cannot pray ourselves out of it, nor can anyone counsel us out of it. We must repent and do what God says. It is a sobering time. This is the most important season in the history of the world and in the history of our lives. We must make adjustments in this time of transition. Ungodly soul-ties to something or someone are one of the main reasons people don’t enter into God’s plan or purpose. If we make the adjustments God is asking, then we will enter the inheritance and walk in the fullness of our dominion gift.

Today, there is a tug-of-war over us! The Lord is moving us towards Himself; He is offering us eternal life through His kingdom. The enemy is trying to pull us back to earthly concerns; this includes what is good and what is not. If we focus on t h e things of this world, we lose sight of the life God is offering us. Two principle soul-ties prevent people from making necessary transitions from living for this life which is passing away and laying hold of what is everlasting, eternal life.

Illegitimate Soul Ties

This includes attitudes such as holding offenses, resentments, attachment to carnal things, submitting to fear, continuing in ungodly relationships and “unsanctified” mercy. Many of these are self-explanatory and require self-examination to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal what changes God requires. I will take a moment to explain “unsanctified mercy.”

Unsanctified mercy is when we have mercy on someone or something for which God does not have mercy. It is wrong, and it is ungodly. Let me provide an example. Suppose a young adult shoplifts and is arrested and placed in jail. The parents bail out their child and as the child recounts their fears of what it was like to be in jail, the parents start comforting their child. Mercy was extended when they bailed them out of jail. The inappropriate behavior and conduct needs to be addressed. People need the truth in love. They need to repent. Otherwise, they will remain carnal and never enter their purpose. When we comfort people with whom the Holy Spirit is dealing, etc, we possibly become a tool used by the devil to prevent another from entering into their dominion gift (Matt. 16:23). They need to die to self, so they die to wrong thinking. There must be a clear leaving of the old. They need to struggle, to have the cross applied so they can become free from bondage. There must be a clear leaving of the old nature to enter into the new.

Legitimate Soul Ties

Many have sentimental attachments to legitimate relationships and attitudes. A generation ago, it was common to refer to your spouse as your soul-mate. We have a legitimate soul-tie to our mate. However, many times we remain attached to people, places and things that God used powerfully in the past. We needed those ties in the last season, or when we were immature. God may now require you to separate yourself from a soul-tie in your past. We cannot mourn over past relationships. For example, Samuel continued to mourn over Saul after the Lord had rejected him (1 Sam. 16:1). God was ready to move on and Samuel needed to adjust. God wanted Samuel to anoint David as King. Samuel had to press on with God’s plan. We can no longer remain sentimentally attached to something that is not a part of our life now. We must enter into the fullness of God. When God writes “finished” over something, it’s finished. Many times, we try to bring it with us or resurrect it. We must come to realize that others, who have been a part of our past, aren’t coming with us. This is the kindness and severity of God. There must be a clear, defined leaving. Even Jesus had to sever ungodly soul ties when his “legitimate” earthly family tried to exercise illegitimate authority over him. Jesus said it this way:

And he answered them, saying, “Who is my mother, or my brethren?” And he looked round about on them which sat about him, and said, “Behold my mother and my brethren! For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.” Mark 3:33-35 KJV

When we choose to do what is right, those who will not come with us now will eventually remember. The memory of our choice may one day save them. Jesus made that clear His entire life. We must love God above all. We can’t be His disciple if we put anyone or anything else before Him. When transition comes, all the relationships must adjust with the road signs.

Passing through transition requires focus and resolve. We must determine in our heart, “I’m going where God is going.” Transition always precedes the fulfillment of destiny. There are many languishing in the wilderness because they refuse to make the transition. We must make the decision to change our minds and attitudes to inherit the promise. The choice to attain our destiny is in our hands! My prayer is that we choose wisely.