A Shift in Kingdoms – A Conference with Randy DeMain (Sept. 2020)


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It takes no discernment to see that the “kingdoms” of this world are shaking. Economically, politically and especially spiritually—everything that can be shaken is shaking. Yet while the lost are confused about where things are going, the Lord is bringing clarity to His people. It is the devil doing the evil, but it is Yahweh doing the shaking. The nations are raging because a new kingdom is rising, the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ. Now is the time to draw as close to the Lord as possible and fully devote ourselves to His purposes because ‘rock cut of the mountain without hands’ (Daniel 2:31-45) is starting to smash every false kingdom and fill the earth with His glory! (Micah 4:1)

Randy DeMain ministered 3 sessions with us this conference. You can get all three by selecting “Entire Series on CD” above, or “Entire Series on Flashdrive/Thumbdrive”. To get the individual sessions on CD, select “Individual Message on CD”, then select which session you want. 

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