Sons of God ARISING – A Conference with Randy DeMain (Sept 2021)


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Many Christians do not want to believe the depths of evil operating right now. Yet not only is it there, God is calling His sons and daughters to ARISE as His Ekklesia/Bride and take it on by His Spirit. It is actually THIS hour of history that we were born for, and as we engage, it will become one of the finest hours of history for His glory to shine forth. ARISE, Ekklesia!

In September 2021, Randy DeMain ministered 3 sessions with us at this conference. It was a powerful time where Randy discussed how the Lord plans to fulfill His promises to bring in a massive harvest in our generation. He went on to talk about how the Lord would prepare His Ekklesia to do that, and punish the wicked principalities that oppose the Most High God. You can get all three by selecting “Entire Series on CD” above, or “Entire Series on Flashdrive/Thumbdrive”. To get the individual sessions on CD, select “Individual Message on CD”, then select which session you want. 

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