Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare (Teaching Series)



There’s an unseen war raging around us. The end of which has ultimately been won through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Yet our defeated foes still rage with the time they have left. And so the Lord Jesus has positioned us here, fully equipped with His own armor and weaponry, to enforce His victory and execute His judgments against the powers of darkness, and the mindsets that blind and enslave humanity and the creation itself. This series reveals how we train to defeat these powers and loose the kingdom of God to overtake and influence the structures and systems of society.

This is a 16 part series:
Part 1 – Unbinding the Bound Binder
Part 2 – Sowing and Reaping, Part 1
Part 3 – Sowing and Reaping, Part 2
Part 4 – Get Out of Jail Free
Part 5 – Kingdom Priests
Part 6 – Jesus’ View of Evil
Part 7 – Warfare By Honor
Part 8 – What is Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare?
Part 9 – Worldview Mindsets
Part 10 – God’s Attention Getters
Part 11 – Understanding the Battle
Part 12 – Stewards of the Land, Part 1
Part 13 – Stewards of the Land, Part 2
Part 14 – Gatekeepers
Part 15 – Prophetic Proclamation and Action
Part 16 – Covenant and Spiritual Warfare

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